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A pilot study, the first of its kind in the world, conducted by researchers at “Bringham and Women” hospital in Boston, found United State , That home treatment can improve care while reducing costs.

According to the Healthline magazine, people are entering hospitals expecting to improve, but the fact is that staying in the hospital carries some risks, as some end up with more diseases.

The hospital patient also has difficulty falling asleep, especially with doctors and nurses conducting continuous checks throughout the day, in addition to the risk of infection.

Although hospital stay is a socially common occurrence amongst cases requiring periodic care, the new study suggests that receiving treatment at home may be more beneficial in material and health terms.

The study indicates that when a patient is stuck in his hospital bed, he is more vulnerable to the negative health effects of this physical inactivity.

Thomas Cornwell, founder of the Northwest Physicians Institute for Medicine and Home Care and CEO of the Central Home Care Institute, revealed that the medical community can implement a care program that provides money and better care to patients.

Thomas and his team conducted the study on 91 randomly selected adult patients, divided them into two groups, one that stays in the hospital and the other receiving home care, including visits by nurses, doctors, taking drugs and solutions, and receiving counseling through video calls.

The researchers measured the total direct cost of care in the two groups, including non-medical labor costs, supplies, tests, and medications, and found that patient care at home was about 40% less in total cost compared to patients who received hospital treatment.

According to the study, the rate of recovery of patients who received care at home was higher, as patients needed fewer analyzes, X-rays, MRIs, and consultations by 70%, and they were more stable by 30%.

“We wanted to show evidence that home care for seriously ill adults can be provided at a lower cost, better physical activity, and higher quality,” said Dr. Thomas.


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