Start receiving traffic requests for educational and school occupants


According to previous directives from the Minister of Education, “Dr. Hamad bin Muhammad Al Sheikh”, the Ministry of Education began today, Tuesday, receiving requests for traffic to occupants of educational jobs and schools.

According to a statement of the Ministry of Education, the directives of the Minister of Education were issued to start applying on Tuesday morning to the movement of transporters for educational jobs and schools for the academic year 1441 AH, and to take measures to update their data through the Noor system.

It is mentioned that the Ministry of Education had indicated that the time plan included starting to open the system to update the data of schools and incumbents of educational jobs, and to enter the desires of external and internal transport from Tuesday, until the date of 6/26/1441 AH, and print the form of external and internal transport and the aggregate and detailed reports during the period From 6 to 7/10/1441 AH.

The Ministry also set 9/8/1441 AH as the date for announcing the result of the outbound traffic, provided that the period for objecting electronically to the result of the outbound traffic is from 9 to 18/8/1441 AH.
It is noteworthy that the approval of the result of the movement of external transport, the generalization of the notification of its results and its mechanisms for education departments, and the opening of the system for the introduction of desires in education departments (for those transferred abroad) will be during the period from 26 – 30/8/1441 AH.

And it was decided on 10/19/1441 AH as a date to announce the result of the internal transport movement, and the period of objection electronically to the result of the internal transport movement from 10/23 – 11/2/1441 AH, and the approval of the result of the internal transport movement on 11/11 / 1441H, and the party and direct evacuation of the transferred Externally and internally on 12/26/1441 AH.

It is worth noting that the Ministry aims from updating the data of educational occupants to raise the level of quality of services provided to them, and to help develop work mechanisms in the movement of internal and external transport in order to reduce the problems that the field may face with regard to calculating growth, and to determine the expected need for the next academic year in a way Careful to fit all weights and study plans in place.

Note that these procedures and the ensuing automated processes for entering data correctly will give applicants and applicants more opportunities to assist them in determining their exact needs and making the appropriate decision, as well as preparing the field from an early date to ensure the beginning of a regular school year before the system is closed.


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