SpaceX is now the world’s largest commercial satellite network


SpaceX successfully launched another group of 60 Starlink satellites into Earth orbit on January 6. With 180 satellites (in addition to launching two prototypes two years ago) now orbiting the planet, SpaceX is now operating the largest set of commercial satellites.

What happened?
A Falcon 9 missile has connected an additional 60 Starlink satellites to an orbit that is about 290 km above the surface of the Earth, and will eventually move to a higher altitude of about 547 km. The company took down the first stage missile booster (the fourth time that this vehicle carried out the flights and landings) on its floating maritime platform in the Atlantic Sea, but failed in its attempt to capture one half of the cargo cover (which costs about $ 3 million).

Starlink: Shining Star
The SpaceX constellation makes it superior to Planet’s powerful remote sensing satellite network, which includes 150 satellites, but this achievement is not a full-fledged victory. The company came under intense pressure last year as a result of accusations that its Starlink Network Disturbing astronomical observations of the night sky. A satellite of the last batch will test a new type of Dark paint that can fix this problem. But it remains to be seen whether this will do the trick.

Moreover, the Starlink Network is growing Increases concerns about traffic in space, Especially with transmission At least 3 satellites to the offline mode, While one of them encountered a condition Imminent collision with the European Space Agency (ESA) satellite for meteorology.

What now?
SpaceX intends to expand its planet from satellites to 12,000It may reach 42 thousand. It aims to launch 60 Starlink satellites every two weeks from now on.


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