Soon .. WhatsApp introduces a long-awaited new feature


Posted 13 hours ago – 12:14 AM, 28 Jumada I 1441 AH, January 23, 2020 CE

Communication – Agencies:

Facebook, the owner of the famous instant communication application, “WhatsApp” has announced the introduction of the “night mode” feature, or what is known as “dark mode”, in a pilot.

The blog wabetainfo, specializing in application news, explained that the “WhatsApp” application sent an update to the “Google Play” beta program.

She noted that the new update includes the long-awaited feature, which is “Night Mode” which helps users a lot during the night.

The new feature protects the eyesight from the rays of the smartphone, especially if the user spends a long time using the application, as the feature is based on reducing the light rate issued by the application interface, and it also saves the application consumption to charge the phone’s battery, which helps many users who own Phones run out of battery quickly.

After downloading the new update for WhatsApp on the smartphone, all the application interface can be converted to dim or dark color like dark green from the settings.

It is not clear when the new feature will be available to users, but it will not be long, according to the technical blog.


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