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Simple steps to make your Android phone run faster

Experts have revealed some tricks that the user can take to speed up the work of Android phones.

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Android version update:

Experts always recommend updating the Android version of the phone to the latest version of the operating system that the device can receive, with each new version of Android Google seeks to get rid of technical problems that may slow the performance of the phone or applications, and make the operating system more compatible with the components of phones.

To update the Android version, you must follow several steps: First, go to the settings menu in the phone, then click on the “About Phone” option, and then press the System Upgrade option.

Close apps running in the background:

Closing background applications helps speed up the performance of Android and iOS devices, as this process reduces the pressure on the processor and random access memory that handles data of several applications working simultaneously, and this step also helps to reduce battery energy consumption in the phone.

To close these applications in Android phones, you must click on the “Task” button in the form of a square at the bottom of the screen, after which open applications will appear, and from there choose the applications to be closed.

Clear the app cache:

Some applications in the phone download temporary files that may slow down the processor and RAM, and to get rid of these files you should go to the settings menu, and then the option of Storage, and then the option of Storage & cache, and then click on the option “Clear Storage Memory Timer “Clear cache.

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