Sherine Reda: “I will not marry again after Amr Diab.”


Sherine Reda, the Egyptian actress, came out with press statements with the Independent Arab newspaper, which sparked controversy on social media after talking about her unwillingness to marry again.

Sherine Reda said that she will not repeat the experience of marriage again after her divorce from the artist “Amr Diab” 28 years ago and that she made this decision with complete conviction, saying: “I got married once and will never repeat it .. I reached this decision with complete conviction .. I have no desire In marriage at all. ”

And she affirmed that her decision does not stem from the idea of ​​boycotting men because this is not logical and that she did not take a hostile stance towards them .. She said: “I do not boycott men nor take a hostile stance from them, on the contrary, they are friends, family and partners in everything .. Despite what is said that Men are often the cause of women’s grief and problems, because I do not agree with this opinion.

And on her relationship with the artist Amr Diab, and about the audience linking the songs of Amr Diab with her and her last when they indicated that she intended the phrase “the mother of the cheeks is red” in his song “Day of Talat” Sherine Rida commented on this, saying: “Do not ask me and ask the people .. I also wonder about this Connect all the time. ”

And she continued: “In general, any person who has entered my life for a while then what is certain is that he left a trail in it … So what about a person who is the only daughter of my daughter and between us is ten and Amr is my friend and our relationship is good.”

Sherine Reda talked about her personality and some of the qualities she has, and she said: “I am an outspoken character and I do not like decorating words or changing the truth, so there is no reason for me to lie or retract my candor and my opinions .. If we are in a society that does not like candor, then this is not my problem.”

She added: “I love positive energy and find myself looking for it everywhere and expelling me of any negative feeling .. Life is full of situations and we are the ones who make it good or turn it into bad and any situation no matter how sad if we go beyond it we go on and complete our life .. reconciled with myself and satisfied with all Something happened to me and happy too. ”


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