Sherine Abdel Wahab sings in Jeddah, and the reason is? – Video


The Egyptian artist returnedSherine Abdel WahabSinging in Saudi Arabia, specifically in the city of Jeddah in its first concert this year, which I performed on the 17th of this month.
But she seemed in a state of extreme stress, she apologized to her fans and asked the organizers a chair to sit on it and complete her singing, and she went to her fans saying: “Sorry for the first time I did it in my life”, but the audience continued to support her for the end of the party and interacted with her songs greatly.
Shereen was late for her appointment to the stage for more than a quarter of an hour, as usual, which confirms her feeling tired and very tired, and after only 30 minutes passed she asked to take a break and went to her room and went back to complete the party, but she appeared tired, which prompted her to sit again on one of the band’s headphones .
Perhaps the reason for her fatigue is that she had undergone a difficult abdominal surgery during the last period, so she stayed away from the singing scene for two months.
On the other hand, Sherine continues to prepare for her new album, to be released 2020, as she prepares to shoot her movie, which she decided to return to the cinema after the absence of 16 years.


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