Scientists are arriving for the first drug ever to prevent Alzheimer’s disease


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Scientists are arriving for the first drug ever to prevent Alzheimer's disease

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A number of American scientists have revealed that they created the first drug to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, which works to boost a chemical “cleansing” the brain of proteins that cause memory loss and confusion.

Research on modified mice to develop age-related disease showed that rodents showed no symptoms after being injected into the compound.

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The findings, the research team says, sheds light on Alzheimer’s disease, which raises hope that the drug may slow or even reflect dementia in humans.

People with Alzheimer’s suffer from a decrease in cognitive, behavioral, and physical abilities, and so far, there are no treatments that can do this, because current treatments only help relieve symptoms.

This new drug that is likely to revolutionize the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease is known as pharmacological chaperone, which repairs mutations in the amyloid beta and tau proteins that accumulate in the brains of patients forming plaques that result in the loss of connections between neurons in the brain, and ultimately the death of those cells and the loss of tissues The brain.

The team is now planning clinical trials of the drug in humans, and first they do not want to verify its effects on older mice who already have Alzheimer’s.

Source: The Sun


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