Saudi League 2020 rankings, Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professional League


The intensity of the competition for the top spot in the Saudi League 2020 rankings table has increased, after Al-Nasr Club returned to Al-Hilal’s competition for the top spot, and the list of the difference between Al-Nasr and Al-Hilal Club, which reached two points after Al-Nasr played a match in the fifteenth round today, has achieved victory with difficulty With the result of one goal for Al-Itifaq Club, to raise its score from the number of points to 33, and to stand up the ranking list so far, pending the outcome of the rest of the round which will end tomorrow, Saturday 25/1/2020.

The rest of the fifteenth round matches will be completed tomorrow with three games, the most important of which is the Al Hilal club seeking to restore the training list to be issued once again from Al Nasr Club, and the results are also awaiting Al-Ahly Club, which is ranked third after its victory today by 1-2 results against Al-Raed Club, to raise its balance of points To point 29, the biggest surprise of the fifteenth round was the Al-Wahda club winning 5-1 in a match against Al-Hazm, as it raised its score to point 27 in fourth place.

Saudi League standings 2020

  • Today, Al-Nasr defeated Al-Itifaq 1-0, topping the rankings with 33 points.
  • Al-Hilal is preparing to regain the lead again through its match tomorrow against Al-Shabab.
  • Al-Ahly of Saudi Arabia achieves a deserved victory by 1-2, in its fifteenth round match and maintains its ranking in third place.

An Ittihad club is trying to escape from the relegation zone, and it is trying to win tomorrow in its match against Al-Adala Club, which will raise it a number of points and advance in the ranking to eleventh place.


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