Saudi Energy Minister for a British journalist: You are stupid! (Video)


Saudi Energy Minister for a British journalist: You are stupid! (Video)


In front of the media’s lenses, Saudi Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman described a British journalist as “stupid” in response to his question about the issue of hacking into the phone of American billionaire Jeff Bezos.

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Saudi Foreign Minister: Allegations of the Crown Prince breaking the phone of the President of Amazon

This incident came on Tuesday on the sidelines of the work of the International Economic Forum in Davos, when a journalist from the British ITV News network, Joel Hills, tried to obtain a comment from the minister on the allegations that Saudi Arabia and its Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman personally stood behind the penetration of the phone of the founder of the company “Amazon” The owner of the newspaper “Washington Post” billionaire American Jeff Bezos.

Prince Abdul-Aziz refused from the beginning to comment on the issue, noting that he is an energy minister and not an official concerned with this issue, but the journalist asked him again: “Why did Saudi Arabia penetrate Jeff Bezos’ phone?”

The Saudi prince responded to that by saying that the journalist poses a “wrong question in a wrong place,” adding: “Everything you do now is only intended to attract attention.”

The journalist then asked the minister whether Saudi Arabia was considering Bezos a “legitimate target”, and the minister would respond to that by saying, “I think that is a joke and a joke.”

The journalist continued, asking: “Does that seem ironic? People are worried about cyber attacks!”, But the minister interrupted him by saying, “You stupid.”

The journalist continued, “Do you think I am stupid?” The minister replied, “Yes.”

This came against the backdrop of a UN report that concluded that Bezos’ phone had been hacked after receiving a message from Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman.

Source: RT


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