Saudi defense receives the first batch of speed boats


Source: Arabic.Net – Riyadh

The Saudi Ministry of Defense received the first batch of the HSI32 French interceptor boats project in the eastern region, in the framework of joint cooperation between the Kingdom and the Republic of France in the field of industrialization and military cooperation.

The agreement signed with the French company (CMN) included the manufacture and supply of a number of HSI32 speed boats, part of which are made in France and the other part in the Kingdom within the technology transfer program, where these boats are among the most recent fast marine interceptor boats in the world, when It has a very high potential.

The Commander of the Royal Saudi Naval Forces, Lieutenant General Fahd bin Abdullah Al-Ghafili, valued the unlimited support that our armed forces in general and our naval forces in particular receive from the rational leadership.

He added that what was placed in the hands of officers and members of the armed forces of advanced technology and devices requires maintaining them in an optimal use, and applying the foundations of maintenance to ensure sustainability, as he noted with concern for continuous training, in order to achieve the required readiness to implement the tasks properly and fully vigil in the areas of operations that These boats will operate and deter any threat to the Kingdom’s strategic interests.

He pointed out that the fast boats system will complete its arrival during the coming months, and these boats will contribute to raising the level of readiness and combat readiness to enhance maritime security in the region, and will participate with the various eastern fleet units in protecting the vital and strategic interests of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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