Saudi Arabia is an influential country in the global economy



Ibrahim Al-Assaf, Saudi Minister of State and member of the Council of Ministers, confirmed that there is a strong consensus between what Saudi Arabia is doing and the G20 agenda.

Al-Assaf said in a meeting with “Al-Arabiya” on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum meetings in “Davos” that there is an important role for Saudi Arabia in the Group of Twenty as it is a donor and developing country at the same time.

He explained that the concerns of Saudi Arabia are the same concerns and challenges facing the Middle East region and emerging markets, and therefore the Kingdom’s economic position on the world map enhances its active presence in facing various challenges.

He said that Saudi Arabia is one of the donor countries participating actively in international financial and economic activity, and its position in the Group of Twenty is a private site and the agenda of the Group of Twenty is closely aligned with the agenda of the Kingdom.

The World Economic Forum announced that Riyadh will host it in an extraordinary meeting on the Middle East and the fourth industrial revolution on the fifth and sixth of next April.


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