Saudi Arabia honors “Arab Artist” with a golden shield (video)


Saudi Arabia honors

The General Authority of Entertainment in Saudi Arabia honored the Emirati actress, Ahlam Al Shamsi, with a shield of pure gold during the ceremony that Ahlam performed at the Riyadh Boulevard in Saudi Arabia.

The presenter said that this shield is made of pure gold, and represents the slogan “Arab Artist” over 25 years of giving and art.

Ahlam expressed her great happiness with the shield and raised it with her hands on the stage to share with the audience.

The entertainment authority in Saudi Arabia singled out Emirati artist Ahlam Al Shamsi with an honorable night as part of “Legends Nights” organized by the authority on the sidelines of the “Riyadh season” events in Saudi Arabia, to become the only artist in the Arab world to be honored among a large group of great artists, according to Erm News.

Ahlam is an Emirati artist, nicknamed the Gulf artist, Mohammed Abdo, as the “artist of the Gulf.” She calls herself “the Queen” and is known as the artist with the highest-paid concerts on the Arab scene. She is married to the famous Qatari rally champion, Mubarak Al-Hajri.

Source: Agencies


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