Samsung’s messaging app may be integrated with Google’s Duo app


Google is intensifying its efforts regarding its Duo application and this time there are initial reports for its integration with Samsung’s default messaging app.Samsung's messaging app may be integrated with Google's Duo appSamsung’s messaging app may be integrated with Google’s Duo app

Among all the messaging applications announced by Google, the Duo app has become the most successful and popular application among users, so it is not surprising that the company tried to spread this application more after its incorporation in the messaging application for Google and the phone application for OnePlus, and it seems that Samsung is the partner Next in Google’s quest to integrate it with Duo.

In this context, many reports indicated that the upcoming phones from Samsung, “Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy S20 ″”, will come with some form of integration with Duo, and it may seem similar to the mechanism of work with Pixel OnePlus phones, so the group may simply get a button Quick access to Duo, and it is also assumed that the integration will be integrated into the Galaxy S10 and S9 series, although no note has been mentioned on this.

Samsung's messaging app may be integrated with Google's Duo app

In the same context, the famous “9to5Google” website found evidence of Duo integration with the texting application from Samsung, and this guide is represented in a program code in the application. Finally, if Google continues to push the integration with Duo application on all the manufacturers of Android devices, The company may end up with fierce competition with Apple’s FaceTime, who knows! The days are sufficient to know us.

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