Samsung will open a new factory for smartphones screens in India next April


Samsung’s plans to open a new screen manufacturing facility in India are not entirely new, but the South Korean company finally got the green light from the Indian government and the investment process will begin next April.

Samsung will invest $ 500 million in this new plant, which will be located in Noida, and close to the largest smartphone manufacturing facility of Samsung in the world. The new factory will start manufacturing smart phone screens only with all the accessories and accessories that come with it, and you will then venture into the TV and laptop sector.

In order to branch out, the factory must first increase production volume and start meeting orders from other manufacturers. But first, Samsung plans to reach 120 million units manufactured in the country and the new plant will definitely help speed up the process. Samsung is also planning to start manufacturing batteries in India as well, but the information surrounding this particular project is currently scarce.



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