“Samsung” plans to launch its new foldable phone, “Galaxy Fold 2” .. soon


Samsung plans to launch its new foldable smartphone “Galaxy Fold 2” within a few months, amid expectations that it will be announced in the second quarter of this year.

According to the BGR website, the upcoming device will be added to the first foldable phone that was launched during the past year, ie Galaxy Fold.

The web developer and technical expert, Max Weinbach, said that Samsung will enhance the device’s screen with ultra-thin glass, as well as allocating a place for the smart pen.

And users are betting, on the new foldable phone, for «Samsung» to make improvements in the design of the device.

With this step, the company «Samsung» has established a new habit, which is the issuance of a new foldable phone every year, similar to what it does in the other phones series. The phone is, however, less powerful than its predecessor.


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