Salah Abdullah announces the classification of his movie with Rania Youssef, “+18”.


1:00 AM

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Books – Baha Hijazi:

The artist Salah Abdullah published through his personal account on the website “Twitter” the poster of his new movie “Fund of the World”, which was approved by the censorship under the age classification “+18”.

Abdullah wrote: “Because there are human beings who are not human, and evil has increased and spread. The world’s fund remains a plus, the world of money.”

The Dunia Fund, starring Khaled Al-Sawi, Rania Youssef, Amr Al-Qadi, Ahmed Kamal, Salah Abdullah, and a large number of stars, script and dialogue by Imad Al-Bahat, Osama Habashi, and directed by Imad Al-Bahat.

The film is scheduled for release next February.

The film, in the downtown area, revolves around tales of a group of its residents, and reveals the worlds, mysteries, and secrets of residents of the most famous areas of Cairo.

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