Ronaldo breaks the number of legend Muller



Ronaldo breaks the number of legend Muller


Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus’s top scorer, continued his hobby in breaking records, to become the fifth top scorer in the history of the round witch.

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British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported that Ronaldo reached his goal No. 737, by a difference of two goals, German football legend Gerd Muller, who played his last season in 1981 with the American team Fort Lauderdale Strikers.

The newspaper pointed out that Ronaldo’s 737 goals scored in 1029 games he played at the highest levels, to become the fifth best scorer in football history.

The Don looks forward in the foreseeable future to catch the Hungarian legend Ferenc Puskas, who has the 746 goals, and then the legends of the other charming wizard from Brazilian Pele (767 goals) and his compatriot Romario, second in the list of scorers with 772 goals, to defend the colors of my team Austria and Czechoslovakia, the record holder with a score of 805 goals.

The Daily Mail reviewed the list of the 10 best scorers in the history of football, and they are:

1- Joseph Pecan (Austria and Czechoslovakia), score of 805

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2- Romario (Brazil), score of 772

3- Pele (Brazil), score 767

4- Ferenc Puskas (Hungary), score 746

5- Cristiano Ronaldo (Portuguese), 737

6- Gerd Muller (Germany), with a score of 735

7- Lionel Messi (Argentina), score 717

8- Ferennik Dennik (Hungary), score of 576

9 – Ue Sealer (Germany), score of 575

10 – Tullio Maravilla (Brazil), with 575 goals.

Source: Agencies


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