Respect for our sovereignty is crucial to the stability of the region


Source: Dubai – Al Arabiya Channel

“The respect for Iraq’s sovereignty is crucial to achieving stability in the Middle East,” Barham Salih, in statements from the Davos Forum in Switzerland, said.

And Iraqi television quoted Saleh as “important to restore the confidence of the Iraqis in the government,” stressing that “early elections are an appropriate opportunity to end the crisis.”

Saleh revealed that “the outlaws killed 600 protesters and we will hold them accountable.”

He pointed out that “restoring stability to Iraq and settling the crisis are crucial to the stability of the region.”

The Iraqi president said that “the call to withdraw foreign forces is a reaction to what many Iraqis consider a lack of respect for our sovereignty,” quoting the Iraqi News Agency on “Telegram.”

He added: “If the clash continues between our neighbors and allies and lack of respect for our sovereignty, it will be difficult to achieve our aspirations.”

He appealed to the Iraqis, “Learning from the lessons of the Syrian experience because it is very painful.”

Saleh praised the role of the Shiite cleric, Ali Sistani, in “leading Iraq to safety.”


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