Researchers develop a metal that sweats to cool down the phone


A group of Chinese scientists has developed a metal that will reduce the heat of electronic devices, such as mobile phones.

According to the newspaper, published by the British “Daily Mail”, the scientists have come close to making a phone that automatically sweats to cool itself down when the temperature rises.

Scientists have developed a thin piece of metal coated three times the thickness of human hair, and after testing it succeeded in reducing the temperature of electronic devices, by releasing water that turns gas and evaporates and gets rid of excess heat for the devices.

Scientists who have developed this technology say that this matter at the present time will cost exorbitant money, but this technology will be popular in the future, as it can be applied to all portable electronic devices, such as phones and tablets, and will be a substitute for the current cooling technologies, such as the use of Fans and PCM variable materials such as candles and fatty acids, which dissolve at higher temperature to absorb excess heat energy in the devices.

Roshu Wang, who teaches refrigeration engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, said that work on developing sensitive and sensitive electronics requires many effective thermal technologies so that the slides inside the devices do not become too hot, causing them to damage.

It is worth noting that Chinese scientists have been inspired by the idea of ​​developing this technique from sweaty mammals, which regulates the body temperature when the temperature rises.

This study was published in the newspaper “Goal”, where the results showed that the researchers used only 0.3 grams to reach the results, and they confirmed that this new technology is very suitable for devices that do not work all the time, such as phones, and it will be useful to use it when charging batteries that lift from Phone temperature.


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