Reasons why women are more at risk than men


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A recent scientific study revealed an explanation for the first time about the secret that the heart of women is “weaker” than men’s hearts. The study revealed that Blood vessels For women, they age much faster than men, and this, according to the study, makes women more likely than men to risk heart disease and weak heart muscle.

This study gives, for the first time, an explanation about how women are more affected than men by various types of cardiovascular diseases. The scientific study showed that women’s blood vessels, from the arterial arteries to the small capillaries, grow in age even further. The study indicated that women’s blood vessels begin to deteriorate and become less efficient at a faster rate than men, according to an examination of data for a large number of heart patients, both women and men.

The author of the study said that women have a significantly different biology and physiological functions than males, which explains why women are exposed to certain types of cardiovascular diseases more often than men and at different ages. This study indicates that women are more likely to have heart attacks, heart failure or strokes than men.

The study relied in its results on examining the databases of a large number of patients, and comparing evidence and patterns related to how they started to develop a high blood pressure, Which has a major role in the impact of blood vessels and cardiac dysfunction. The results showed that women showed significantly greater signs of high blood pressure with a significantly greater stopping of men.

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