Reasons for slow charging iPhone and simple steps to speed up the process!


Many iPhone users can feel the phone charging is slow, so The Sun has published a number of tricks that can be used to speed up phone charging while highlighting the reasons for slow charging.

1- Using the wrong charger

The iPhone comes with a full-size USB cable, which can be connected to the supplied charger and then to a power outlet or port on your Mac.

However, to make life more difficult, Apple offers iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X owners the option of fast charging via the USB-C cable and the USB-C Power Adapter.

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In the event that the phone continues to slow down, it is advised that Apple check the charger for damage or bends.

Also, make sure that the charging port on the bottom of the iPhone is clean and does not contain any scrap or debris.

2- Using the phone or applications

If you want smooth charging without delay, you should keep away from the phone during the charging process, while refraining from using battery-destroying applications.

3- Loading in the background

Since the launch of iOS 7, specific apps have supported a useful feature called Background Application Update. This basically allows it to check new content even when you aren’t actively using it.

However, it can be turned off completely when charging the phone. Here’s how: Open Settings> Click General> Update Background Application> Select the Update Background Application option at the top.

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The feature can be completely disabled by selecting “off”, or selectively turning it off for the listed applications.

4- Activate Airplane Mode

If you are not able to leave the phone, activating flight mode is a radical way to keep it off and make charging a little faster.

5- Reducing the screen brightness

Screen brightness can cause charging problems, so be sure to lower the brightness to stimulate charging.

6- Turn off notifications

The more apps on iPhone, the more pop-up notifications on the screen, and these annoying pop-ups can drain your battery and hamper charging.

To end it, follow these steps:

  • Head to Settings on iPhone and tap Notification Center.
  • Scroll down the list to get to the “Embed” section, go to Applications, and click the apps you want to turn off.

Source: The Sun

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