Real Madrid finds “New Zidane” of Algerian origin



Real Madrid finds


                    OSCAR DEL POZO

Newspaper reports revealed that Real Madrid is seeking to include the “jewel” of Lyon, the French soccer club, Rayan Chergabi, who is of Algerian descent, because of the impressive levels it offers and its exceptional skills.

Reports confirmed that Rayan Sharqi dazzled the royal team’s scouts, who monitored the player during the last period, especially during his participation in his team’s match against Nantes, within the final price of the French Cup, where he scored two goals and scored a goal.

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It is expected that the coach of Real Madrid team, Zinedine Zidane, who was born in France and also of Algerian descent, will play a major role in resolving the deal to include his eastern citizen in favor of “Merengue”.

Ryan East was born in 2003 in France, and is considered one of the most prominent emerging talent in France, and he has likened him to many legends of football where he was called the new Zidan, and “Messi” France, and others see him as the successor of his compatriot Karim Benzema, the current striker for Real Madrid.

Oriental has a contract with Nantes until the summer of 2022, and its marketing value is 8 million euros. However, it will be difficult for Real Madrid or other European clubs to include him, given his club’s adherence to its services.

Source: Agencies


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