Ramadan El-Sayed is technical director of El-Mahalla municipality after the resignation of Reda Abdel-Al


Contracting officials Mahalla municipality Headed by Mustafa Al-Samuli with Ramadan Al-Sayed, former technical director of Al-Nujoom Club, replacing Reza Abdel-Al, who resigned yesterday and was accepted today.

The “seventh day” had previously indicated that Reza Abdel-Al had left the leadership of the Mahalla municipality team and started negotiations with Ramadan El Sayed, which was achieved today, so that the task would be officially assumed with the municipality team, and he would lead it in the coming hours formally.

It is noteworthy that Reda Abdel-Al had entered into a clash with the fans of Al-Mahalla municipality after the team’s defeat last week against Damanhour team with a goal for nothing and the team’s balance was frozen at 16 points in the second division league and largely away from the competition to climb to the Premier League next season 2020/2021 Although there are all possibilities for the team and players.

Ramadan Al-Sayed is associated with good memories with the Al-Mahalla municipality team when he led the team to compete to climb until the last match that he lost to Al-Raja Matrouh in the season before last.

Reda Abdel-Al has taken over more than one team in the Grievances League during the past seasons, namely Bahtim, Nil Sohag, Damanhour, Bani Ubaid, Al-Zarqa, and the Union of Nabaruh, Tanta and the Republic of Shibin, and Nabaruh, but he did not provide any successes mentioned with any team of them. With any team, they qualify for the Premier League.

Cairo Victory Club announced the signing of Issam Saad, goalkeeper of the Mahalla Municipality Club and the former police union, in the context of strengthening the team’s ranks during the winter transfers in January to prepare for the second round competitions in the second division League Group Two.


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