Radish health benefits for the heart, weight loss and cancer prevention


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Cairo – by Mohamed Salah – Radishes are edible root vegetables, according to the US Department of Agriculture. FoodData Central Radishes are rich in many nutrients that include potassium, calcium, sodium, and vitamin CRadish also contains vitamins including B vitamins (thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, folic acid, and vitamin B6) and vitamin A And vitamin K. It also provides minerals such as iron, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc.


Health benefits of radish

The benefits of radish lie in the treatment or prevention of some diseases and on certain parts of the body shown in the following report:

Radish to improve digestion

Radish is rich in fibers that can add a large amount and regularity to bowel movements that may help relieve symptoms of constipation, and a 2008 study indicates that radish leaves can also help to stabilize the intestine and get rid of stools or diarrhea, it is known that radish enhances the production of bile, And bile is one of the most important parts of good digestion, which also helps to help both the liver and gallbladder.


Anti-cancer properties

Since radishes are detoxing material and rich in vitamin C Folic acid and anthocyanins have been linked to a protective effect against some types of cancer, especially colon, kidney, and intestine and stomach and mouth cancer, and research indicates radishes’ anti-cancer potentials, as these vegetables are filled with antioxidants with chemical protective properties.


Radish to treat urinary disorders

Radish is a natural diuretic, which means it increases urine production, and radish juice also helps reduce inflammation and may reduce the sensation of burning during urination, and may also prevent infections in the kidneys and urinary system.


Radish for weight loss

Radish creates a great sense of rapid fullness, which means that it satisfies your hunger without increasing the number of calories, as it is low in digestible carbohydrates, and it contains a large percentage of water, moreover, it contains a high percentage of fiber, which causes a decrease in the ratio index Blood sugar, which means it regulates bowel movements that help in losing weight and increasing metabolic efficiency.

Improve cardiovascular health

Radish also provides many health benefits due to the chemicals it contains that reduce cardiovascular disease.

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