Qualcomm unveils three new 4G processors


In a surprising move from Qualcomm in light of the specific scope of the fifth generation networks around the world, the American chip giant revealed three new processors targeting the fourth generation phones.

The company announced the Snapdragon 720G, 662 and 460 processor at an event held in the Indian capital, New Delhi this morning, where the three processors feature customized specifications of support for WiFi 6 and IRNSS as features targeting the second most important phone market globally.

Snapdragon 720G processor

It is the highest of the three detected processors and is an octa-core dedicated to high-end 4G smartphones with a frequency of 2.3GH, where the letter G attached to the processor belongs to the category of “gaming” processors built on a scale similar to the company’s flagship processor Snapdragon 855.

The processor comes with the Hexagon 692 DSP chip, which gives an operational dimension to the AI ​​technologies added in phones and provides full support for 4K video recording and screen resolution up to 2520 x 1080 pixels.The important point here is the X15 LTE modem chip that provides a download speed of 800 Mbps .

Snapdragon 622 processor

It comes in the second place among the three processors, and it is also an octa-core processor, but its speed is lower as it has a frequency of 2.0GHz, while the attached modem X11 has a download speed of 390 Mbps.

While Qualcomm said that the processor supports three cameras and provides smooth transmission between them, as well as save the image in an efficient manner in HEIF format.

Snapdragon 460 processor

It is the third processor and the least in terms of performance among the three processors, while the company clarified that it uses the same modem, the artificial intelligence chip added in the version of 622, which makes it 50% better in performance than the Snapdragon 450 processor used by many of the current phones in the market.

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