Q and A: All you need to know about the Greisha jihad crisis with the rulers committee


During the past hours, a crisis arose between International referee Jihad Grisha And the main referees committee of the Football Association, and accusations escalated by the referee of the committee’s officials, against the backdrop of the announcement of the international list of referees during the recent period.

Q: What is the history of the judgment of jihad Grisha?

A: International referee Jihad Greisha has an honorable history. He was born in 1976, participated in the 2012 Arab Cup in Saudi Arabia, and also participated in the 2013 African Nations Cup, and was chosen as a referee for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, and in 2016 he was ranked 13th in the list of the best 22 judgments In the world, as Grisha appeared in the last 2018 World Cup, he directed the England and Panama match.

Q: How did the crisis erupt?

A: The spark of the crisis began with the spread of leaks regarding the international list of referees for the current season, which was sent to FIFA, and a jihad warrant was placed in it in the third place, not the first.

Q: And what did Grisha do?

A: The ruling continued with the current Referees Committee, headed by Jamal El-Ghandour, and they assured him that they were not aware of this and that Essam Abdel-Fattah, the former Chairman of the Committee, was the one who made the list, and that what is rumored is merely due diligence.

Q: Why was the crisis renewed?

A: The crisis renewed after the announcement of the final list of rulers, which included the presence of Ibrahim Nour El Din in the first position, and was succeeded by Amin Omar. Grisha came in the third position, which sparked the anger of Grisha.

Q: What caused Grisha’s anger?

A: Grisha’s wrath was a secret that, after placing him in third place, it will become very difficult to choose him among the rulers of the next World Cup 2022.

Q: What did Grisha do?

A: He submitted a memorandum of objection to the referees committee and the Football Association, and accused the committee of fighting him and courtesy of certain names.

Q: What is the referees ’committee’s response?

A: Jamal Al-Ghandour declined to comment on the crisis, saying only that Grisha will be investigated after he published his complaint on social media, as he attacked the judges’ committee in the media.


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