PUBG MOBILE launches a new technology that enables you to revive your friends


The mobile phone game is considered one of the most famous and trading electronic games in the world, as according to official statistics and reports it managed to achieve a great record in a set of statistics although it is considered somewhat modern, it did not complete three years in the electronic games market , It is the first game that managed to sell a million copies through the Steam store, which helped in obtaining profits exceeding one hundred million dollars, with 600 million downloads.

Buggy Mobile

After Season 11 of the Buggy Mobile game was officially released, and it was launched on all smartphones, and most of the players liked it, one of the recent reports that were leaked about Season 12 of the game, which will include for the first time in the history of electronic games, the possibility of watching you to kill you Again, you can bring your friends back to life by activating their card through the transmission tower.

Update mobile game mobile

The game also launched a set of equipment boxes, gift boxes, tools and gear, with the possibility of using the maps inside the game to obtain those gifts and access to their locations, to provide various tools that enable the player to complete the game and eliminate opponents, and ensure the player to survive for a longer Possible period.


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