PUBG mobile allows you to restart the way you were killed and revive …


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PUBG mobile allows you to restart the way you were killed and revive …, today, Monday 20 January 2020 07:05 PM

According to the latest reports and official statistics on electronic games, the game, Mobile Mobile has achieved a number of records despite the novelty of its origin, which has not reached its third year yet, as it is the first game that has been able to sell a million copies on the Steam store in Early Access stage, and it has earned profits It is estimated at $ 100 million, in addition to its uploads exceeding the barrier of 600 million operations, and becomes the first game for its active players to reach 2 million players daily, so I launched a number of continuous updates that exceeded more than 3 updates in just two months, the last of which was the update of season 11,

Run the way you were killed

Days after the update of Season 11 of Bebji, which was described as the strongest and most famous due to the inclusion of a number of features, the latest leaked reports regarding the upcoming new update of Season 12 revealed that it will allow for the first time the feature of operating the way you were killed again, as well as reviving the dead friends during Fight and bring them back to life by activating their cards across transmission towers.

Bebji, despite its graduation from the list of the best in the world, reaches fantastic profits according to a specialized report

Pubg Mobile also launched a number of gift boxes, lots and ammunition, which can be used to use the collection of maps available in the game in order to obtain them, reach their location, and provide armor and modern weapons that help you eliminate your competitors with ease, which guarantees the continuity of play and the continuation of victories.

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Revolution of different button positions in Buggy

Bebji succeeded during the recent period and during the continuous updates and successive phases, the last of which was the winter season Arangle, in making a major breakthrough in changing the movements and positions of the different buttons of the game, the most prominent of which was the activation of the bending button on all modes of settings, as well as changing the position of the dances button from the warehouse phase, as well Adjust the position of jump buttons and others.

Bebji, after an extensive investigation, will issue amendments, starting tonight, in response to errors reported by the players

Based on the demands of many players, the old map was restored again, including some distinct additions, along with improving graphics, shadows, and audio and visual effects on stores and all modes, and finally the conversion button between the first and third perspectives was added and the copying of the buttons of the classic buttons was made available to the warehouse phase as a constant and continuous step.


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