Protein gives sports benefits without moving a single muscle!


Source: Arabic.Net – Jamal Nazi

Whether you are walking fast around the park or doing intense workouts in the gym, exercise is good for human health in general. But the findings of a recent scientific study will surprise you, because you will be able to obtain the benefits of good exercise without moving the muscles, according to the “Science Daily” website.

Treatment for muscle wasting

A team of researchers at the University of Michigan Medical School, who study a class of natural protein called “cystrine”, has discovered that this protein can mimic many of the effects of exercise in flies and mice. These results may ultimately help scientists discover a cure for muscle wasting due to aging or other causes.

Myeongjin Kim, associate professor in the Department of Molecular and Integrative Physiology at Michigan Medical University, said: [بروتين] Citrine builds up in the muscles after exercising [الرياضية]”.

Fruit flies

Kim, who is participating in the research with Professor Joon Hee Lee and their colleagues, explained that the research team wanted to know more about the clear link between this protein and exercise. Indeed, they began their experiments on a group of fruit flies, using a device created by their collaborators, Professor Robert Wessels and Professor Alison Sokovsky from Wayne State University in Detroit.

Effects on test mice

The beneficial effects of the cysterine protein included more than just improving endurance. Rather, mice, lacking the cysterine protein, have been shown to lack the ability to exercise, improve breathing, and burn fat commonly associated with exercise.

“It is more likely that cysterine will be able to coordinate biological activities in the body by turning on or off the different metabolic pathways. This kind of combined effect is important for producing exercise effects,” he told me.

A related independent study

Professor Lee also collaborated with Professor Pura Muñoz-Canoves, from the University of Pompeo Fabra in Spain, in a study aimed at proving that muscle muscle cysterine can also help treat and prevent prolonged muscular dystrophy, such as when applied One of the parties in the splint. She explained to me: “This independent study confirms once again that cystrine alone is sufficient to produce many of the benefits of physical movement and exercise.”

More efforts in the future

However, it seems that there is still a long way to go to achieve the production of dietary supplement citrin. According to Professor Lee, “The cysterine protein molecules are very small, but modifications are being made to these small molecules.”

Professor Kim also added that scientists have not yet found how to lead to the production of cysterine in the body after exercise, which is “This is crucial for future study and can lead to treatment for people who cannot exercise.”


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