Prince Harry arrives in Canada to start his life away from the Royal Palace (video)


Prince Harry arrived Tuesday morning in Canada to start the new stage of his personal life after retiring from royal life.

Videos broadcast by British media showed Prince Harry arriving at Victoria Airport on Vancouver Island in Canada, to join his wife Megan Markle and their 8-month-old son.

Prince Harry appeared as he dismounted from a public plane at Vancouver Airport in Vancouver, dressed in an uncharacterist winter civilian uniform.

Prince Harry had confirmed in a speech at a fundraising ceremony yesterday, Monday, that the decision to abandon his royal life in Britain did not guarantee the results, but that “there was no other option” as he put it.

Prince Harry and his wife, Megan, announced earlier this month their intention to give up their status as “high-ranking” members of the royal family, and strive for financial independence.

In an agreement signed last Saturday between the Queen and the senior members of the royal family and the couple, Harry and Meghan agreed that they would not formally represent the monarchy.

Prince Harry and his wife will stop using royal surnames and perform any royal duties, including military appointments.


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