Pictures of Haifa Hussein with her twin after birth and years of childbirth


Pictures of Haifa Hussein with her twin after birth and stopped years of childbearing: The Bahraini actress Haifa Hussein published her photos carrying a twin who gave birth to her recently and she justified that no one knew about pregnancy because she had previously had an abortion, so I was afraid that this pregnancy will not be completed, and she expressed her happiness She wanted her followers to share her pictures of the twins.

Pictures of actress Haifa Hussein and her twin

The Bahraini artist talked about her suffering with the twins and that she did not expect to be with such fatigue and fatigue, and she called them “Jewels and Sultan”. She expressed the happiness that her family and her husband immersed in having twins, in her interview with Zahrat Al Khaleej magazine, where she said:

The Bahraini actress said: “My life changed, as I suddenly had two twin children. Therefore, at this stage after childbearing, I am facing fatigue and pressure. I decided from the lack of sleep to repeat Najwa Karam’s song“ What is in sleep ”.

And she continued: “It is true that there is fatigue and fatigue, but things are walking, thank God, and I advise any woman who is pregnant and should be pregnant to be more flexible, calm and receptive to reality, in order not to suffer from childbirth depression that many suffer after childbearing.”

Haifa Hussein
Haifa Hussein

The reason for hiding the pregnancy

Haifa explained that the reason for concealing the pregnancy was that she was afraid of not completing the pregnancy, saying

The reason was because she had a miscarriage two years ago. She said: “Two years ago, I had a pregnancy and had a miscarriage, so I was afraid to announce this time about the twins and the unimaginable consequences happen.”


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