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More than three days now, the talk about the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah continues after his team Liverpool played their last match and beat Manchester United with two goals for free, in which Salah scored his second goal in the match and his first goal in the net of the Manchester United team, and the past period has seen all the international sites and newspapers. Al-Arabiya has a wide-ranging debate over the way Mohammed Salah celebrated, when he took off his team’s shirt to show his physical structure, which turned largely to the best as a result of the training.

Mohamed Salah had reached goal number 11 in the scoresheet to get closer and closer to the lead that he won in the last two years. The British newspaper “Al Sun” addressed the issue from its point of view and said that the Egyptian star wanted from this method and celebration to show his body to confirm that he became a professional player Like the big players, his body is largely transformed from his beginnings in the professional world.

And some Arab and foreign websites went to compare a number of players by displaying their muscles, such as the Portuguese Ronaldo, the Spanish Ramos, Salah, and other football stars.

While some sites have compared to the player himself and his structure has shifted in seven years since he was a player in the Egyptian League and even Liverpool, until the conversation between the player and his best friend in the Liverpool team, which is Lovrin, in which the naked body appeared, and Lovrin said in a special message between the players on «WhatsApp Father, ”addressing Salah“ Bravo ”, to return Salah with his picture topless, then asked Leuven“ What do you want? ”, And Salah answered,“ Nothing I sent by mistake. ”

The way Mohamed Salah insists on publishing and repeating the image on his personal accounts on social networking sites confirms that there is a message from the player he wants to deliver, and more than celebrating with a goal he scored in an ancient team like Manchester United, which is his first goal after four confrontations he did not succeed in achieving any goal in it So, the final answer remains with the player himself and whether this movement is merely a joy or is it a specific message before the next summer transfer period!




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