OnePlus introduces the OnePlus 8 Pro with fast wireless charging technology


The latest leaks on Twitter came today to confirm that One Plus is on the way to adopt a new technology for fast wireless charging in the upcoming OnePlus 8 Pro.

OnePlus is keen to develop many technologies and specifications of its smartphones to compete in the markets, but the company was late in supporting its releases with fast charging technology, and this is due to previous statements from Pete Lau, the company’s founder, due to the company’s desire to ensure the efficiency of wireless charging standards before Support the company’s phones out.

And new leaks confirmed that OnePlus has already finished testing quality standards in a new wireless charging technology, in preparation for the OnePlus 8 Pro’s support for this technology.

Expectations indicate that OnePlus will support the OnePlus 8 Pro with a 30W wireless charger, which is the wireless charging technology used from Xiaomi during 2019, as the wireless technology is characterized by efficiency and a higher capacity to charge the phone at a high speed and higher standards of protection.

Previous leaks indicated that OnePlus is heading this year to design the front camera in the hole of the screen in OnePlus 8 phones as an alternative to the design of the pop-up camera, provided that the camera hole comes in the left corner of the phone screen, also it is expected that the OnePlus 8 Pro phone features a curved screen accurately 2K display, also supports 120Hz refresh rate.



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