One of them is Arab .. Washington is about to impose travel restrictions on 7 countries


One of them is Arab .. Washington is about to impose travel restrictions on 7 countries


According to US press reports, the administration of President Donald Trump intends to include seven countries, one of which is Arab, on its blacklist of countries subject to severe travel restrictions.

On Tuesday, The Wall Street Journal quoted US officials familiar with the new list as confirming that these restrictions will affect travelers and migrants from Sudan, Eritrea, Belarus, Myanmar, Tanzania and Kyrgyzstan in addition to Nigeria, explaining that these restrictions do not exactly mean the general ban on travel to the United States from those Countries may even include only specific groups of travelers, including business and visitor visas.

This report was received, confirming what was previously published by “Politico” website.

Wall Street Journal sources pointed out that some countries from the list may be excluded from the diversity immigration visa program, that is, the annual lottery for granting the green card (permanent residence permit in the United States) to citizens of countries with low rates of immigration to the United States. Trump has called for the end of this program.

The newspaper pointed out that the announcement of the new restrictions is scheduled to take place next Monday, on the third anniversary of Trump’s imposition of a travel ban on a group of countries, a week after he took office.

The US federal judiciary twice rejected the original draft ban, which included primarily Muslim countries, and eventually agreed in June 2018 to the third version of the ban, which includes Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, and North Korea, as well as political officials from Venezuela.

Source: Wall Street Journal


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