On the Love Story website, watch the series “The Resurrection of Othman,” episode seven, translated into Arabic now


Resurrection Osman, episode 7 of the historical series that won the admiration of viewers in Turkey and the entire Arab world, the Resurrection of Osman tells the events that occurred already during the establishment of Artgrel to the Ottoman Empire until his son Othman succeeded him to complete the march, it is exciting that the series has viewers in large numbers due to the good selection of artists And the good directing of the series that made the series first in watching.

Stars of the series “The Resurrection of Othman”

For the success of any drama, empowered artists must be chosen, and this is what the producing company did to present the Osman Resurrection series in a wonderful way. With great ingenuity, as the artist Noureddine Senmaz overlooks us in the role of Bamsi, all the artists who were chosen by the producing company contributed to making the series ranked first in terms of viewing at the level of Turkey and the Arab countries.

The seventh episode of the series “The Resurrection of Othman”

Turkish ATV channel is the channel that has the right to broadcast the exclusive series in the Turkish language, the series is broadcast on Wednesday every week at eight in the evening, some satellite channels show the episodes of the Turkish serial Osman after the presentation on the exclusive channel, the episodes can be viewed translated into Arabic on satellite channels such as The Iraqi Yarmouk channel and the Algerian Al-Fajr channel, on Thursday at the same time at eight in the evening, can follow the previous episodes of the series on the story of the love that shows the series translated into Arabic with high quality and completely pure picture.

The frequency of the channels carrying the Resurrection Osman series

Channel name The satelliteFrequencyPolarizationCoding rate FEC
For young menNile Sat 11316Horizontal275003/4
CallNile Sat10727vertical275003/4
Motherland Nile Sat11012Horizontal275003/4
the EastNile Sat11137vertical275003/4


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