On the 51st anniversary of Mary Munib’s departure, the crowd laughed and then died


The scenes were last night Lara Munib On the stage full of fun, joy and happiness, many were surprised by the lengthy conversations of Mary Munib behind the scenes, and her memories of Rihani theater and her entry into art, but they did not know that she was bidding farewell to them the way she loved and felt.

Mary Munib, one of the best theatrical performances, performed on the night of January 21 of 1969, where she was performing a play entitled “Khalaf Al-Habayeb”, and after she drowned the fans of her art and her unique comic sense, she returned to her house at two in the morning, and she feels that she will not stand on the wood of this stage Again, her intuition is incredible after only 5 hours.

Mary Munib
Mary Munib

At six in the morning, the late husband, Mary Munib, Abdel Salam Fahmy, was surprised by strange voices issued by his wife, to keep calling and screaming, but to no avail, until the husband’s voice woke the children Kawtar, Badie, and nail, but they were shocked by the truth, which is the death of their mother.

The funeral of the late, exited from the Omar Makram Mosque, was presented by a delegate from the presidency and participated in the funeral of the funeral, Abdel Moneim Al-Sawy, Undersecretary of the Minister of Culture, Youssef Wahbi, Amina Rizk, Muhammad Karim, Abbas Faris, Sanaa Jameel, Hoda Sultan, Abdel Moneim Ibrahim and members of the Rihani troupe. The Rihani theater has closed its doors 3 Days mourning for his first lady.

Mary Munib started her artistic career through the theater, where he participated with the teams of Fawzi Al-Jazairli, Bechara Wakim, Ali Al-Kassar and Najeeb Al-Rihani, and participated with Badi Khairi and Adel Khairi in the management of the Rihani Ensemble after the death of its founder, and in the cinema she started since the mid-thirties, and the number of her films reached nearly From 200 films.


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