Now the series of the Resurrection of Othman, the seventh episode 7, after it has been postponed 3 times on the ATV channel, and translated on the story of love


Resurrection Osman Episode 7, Resurrection Osman is one of the Turkish drama series which is starred by Turkish artist Burak Ozgevit, the famous Turkish actor, who plays the role of the invader Osman Ibn Sultan Ertugrul in addition to a distinguished and diverse group of artists, including Aisha Gul Gunay, Nur ad-Din Sunmar, Jalal Al, and others. Presenting the Turkish ITV channel.

Resurrection Osman series

Lovers of the Resurrection of Osman series are waiting for the seventh episode of the series to complete the adventure and excitement, where the series was shown for the first time on November 20 of last year 2019, the events of the series of Artegral Resurrection revolve around the Ottoman Empire, and that the invader Osman I is basically the founder of the Ottoman Empire with the hadith On how the state was established, and the poverty, loss, and destruction that was dominating it at this time were eliminated, then it was transformed into a strong and solid state, decorated with pride, dignity, and a decent life.

All of this arose at the hands of Othman, the youngest of Artgrel’s sons, who inherited the throne of his father after his death and followed the path of his father Artgrel to achieve more determined victories and establish the Ottoman state again after the destruction in addition to mentioning the conflicts, wars and disputes that existed between the Ottoman Empire and the Mongols, Tatars and other Enemies with an emphasis on the challenges facing Osman and his insistence on complementing and building an independent state.

Resurrection Osman series, episode 7

Before showing this series, everyone is waiting for him because it is supplemented by the resurrection of Artgrel, which was presented in almost five parts, and a lot of complaints and repeated searches for the seventh episode of the series of the Resurrection of Osman, which was postponed once for a third due to New Year’s celebrations, corruption for all audiences and viewers It is with great sadness that the show was postponed more than once, but the party responsible for the series announced that it will be broadcast on Wednesday, 22 of one month.


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