Now the Resurrection of Osman translated and epic new on the ground of history in the seventh episode postponed on atv


Many viewers seek to know the date of the seventh episode of the series of the resurrection of Othman bin Artgral, which will be shown a little later on the ITV channel, so the past capacities witnessed a very large search rate on all social media sites and Google search engines, the historical series the resurrection of Othman made a boom in all countries The Arab world.

The increase of events in the seventh episode of the Resurrection of Othman:

The Turkish series Resurrection Osman, which is shown on the ATV channel dubbed in Arabic, has achieved a boom in the world, even though the series tells a very old historical story, that it has got a very large viewing percentage that plans to watch millions of millions in the Arab world and Turkey as well, and this is what the series deals with. Dramatic and many situations change in each episode and the entry of battles and wars and his presentation of the details of the details that occurred in the Ottoman Empire, which occurred at the hands of Osman bin Artgral.

The resurrection of Osman follows the approach of the resurrection of Artgrel:

Osman managed to make a breakthrough in the Ottoman Empire and transform it from a poor, weak and weak state to a strong rich country and follow the path of his father Artgral after he took over the rule of the Ottoman Empire despite being the youngest son of King Artgral and was able to establish the Ottoman state again and return to the countries of the summit.

The official channel atv, the carrier of the episodes of the Resurrection Osman series:

The series of the Resurrection of Osman bin Artgral, the Turkish series that achieved a great viewership around the world and is searching for a lot, is now broadcast on the ITV channel, the carrier of the series Osman, which plays the role of the Turkish star Burak Ozgvit. The channel that transmits the famous series exclusively.

The channel will show the seventh episode of the series shortly, which will witness many of the events that complement the previous episodes, which saw the arrival of Osman Ghazi’s army to the camp to receive treatment, but they were arrested and stripped of their weapons after receiving them Mr. Dundar.

The previous episodes also saw Osman obtain the antidote for the treatment and recovery of Mrs. Pala Khatun, and episode 7 will witness many new events in the series Osman bin Artgral, and we reveal to you the frequency of the NTV channel, which comes as follows: 10796 on the Nilesat satellite, at a rate of Coding 27500.


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