News & Reports – Special Report – “The Celery” is spreading in Aden amidst the denial of health


The city of Aden recorded a number of cases of viral disease “Chikungunya” popularly known as “celery”, amid a state of panic that afflicted the people in the city of Aden, and a denial by the Ministry of Health.
Medical sources confirmed to Aden Time: A number of citizens were wounded north of the city, specifically in Sheikh Othman and Dar Saad, and new cases started to emerge in the other districts simultaneously from the presence of other similar diseases such as malaria and dengue fever.The onset of the disease:

Is a viral disease transmitted to humans by mosquitoes, where the disease appeared in the city of Hodeidah in northern Yemen in 2014 and the number of deaths rose to 14 cases at the time.
It is a seasonal disease that spreads in the winter due to moisture and it multiplies in places where sewage rash and garbage accumulates.
The laboratory tests of the disease are characterized by an increase in moderate cells to 90% and a decrease in the number of cells wrapping to less than 10%, while preserving platelets in proportion to nature.

Register cases:

Severe fever, severe pain in the joints and muscles, often by hands and feet, leading to inability to move, swelling of the joints, rash, severe headache, nausea, abdominal pain, and sometimes diarrhea.
And Dr. Fayza Mohammed laboratory in the city of Aden: the arrival of cases with the disease with this disease daily morning and evening, indicating that the disease is on the ground according to the symptoms, but so far there are no slides to check the virus in the laboratories. All the tests that we perform for them (CBC) examination and always the result is positive.

The testimony of a person with the disease:

Salwa Saleh, a resident of Dar Saad, is one of the injured women and says: I had celery disease and I am now pregnant in the ninth month. His symptoms were similar to dengue and malaria, but what made me realize that it was not malaria or dengue and that celery disease (chikungunya) was severe joint and muscle pain and severe fever, so I could not Walking or moving Every part of my body hurts, gets sick, has a rash and swelling in the joints.
She added, “The disease did not end with me. Rather, it was transferred to some members of my family and to some of the homes of the neighborhood, so I became more sick in one house. I ask God for me and for them and for all the patients for recovery and wellness.”

Ministry of Health denial of the disease:

For its part, the Ministry of Health denied the existence of the disease when we asked it to provide us with statistics despite the presence of cases of infection, but the relevant authorities have diagnosed the currently spread disease as: flu.
There are no medications to treat chikungunya viruses, but by giving the patient medicines that reduce fever and soothe the pain, while drinking fluids and fresh juices through the film. If the patient cannot eat, he will be given the nourishing proximity.
Patients feel better within a week, but joint pain persists for some in the long run.

Prevention of the disease:

There is no vaccine or medication to prevent the disease, but fighting mosquitoes and standing water and garbage accumulation limits the spread of the disease. If you have the disease, avoiding mosquito bites will help prevent the spread of the disease, by wearing clothes with long sleeves.


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