News 24 | Watch … students interact with Chinese lessons


 One of the classes in King Abdullah High SchoolThe Director General of the Education Department in the Eastern Region, Nasser Al-Shalan, visited today, Tuesday, King Abdullah High School at the beginning of the second semester, to find out the beginning of teaching the Chinese language course in schools in the region.

During his visit, a video clip of Al-Shalan showed a classroom at King Abdullah High School, where he praised the students ’desire to learn Chinese and register them in its courses, stressing the importance of studying languages.

The education departments in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Sharqiya received the books of the Chinese language course, which numbered 1166 books, as a prelude to distributing them to boys’ schools only as an optional subject in a first experience in the Kingdom.

With the start of the second semester, the Ministry began teaching Chinese in 8 schools for boys at the secondary level: 4 in Riyadh, 2 in Jeddah, and 2 in the Eastern Province.


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