News 24 | Video .. The moment of the sirens sounding in the city of Dammam this afternoon


SirenVideo clips circulated showed the moment the sirens sounded, at noon today, Wednesday, in Dammam, which the General Directorate of Civil Defense had announced its experience today.

In the videos filmed from different locations in Dammam, the beeps are heard, covering all the surrounding areas.

The General Directorate of Civil Defense published “VideoGraphic” explaining the warning sirens tones and their implications, as the first note indicates the warning, which is intermittent, intermittent, and lasts for a minute, and indicates early warning of the imminent danger.

She explained that the second note, which is a corrugated tone that lasts for a minute and indicates the actual occurrence of danger, while the third note of safety, which is a continuous tone for a minute and indicates the disappearance of the danger.


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