News 24 | Video .. Minister of Finance in Davos: We have 3 main goals that we would like to achieve through our chairmanship of the G20 Summit


Finance MinisterFinance Minister Mohamed Al-Jadaan said that the Kingdom, in its chairmanship of the Group of Twenty, faces serious and difficult challenges, including geopolitical and other challenges related to dangerous technology, climate change and many comprehensive issues.

Al-Jadaan said during his speech on Thursday in the “Davos” forum that the world is now more intertwined and there are issues and challenges that may not be solved in one session, and this requires everyone to cooperate with each other to make sure that solutions are reached on them.

Aban said that the Kingdom announced its plan to host the meetings of the Twentieth Summit in December, which includes 3 main goals that we seek to achieve, in the forefront of which is empowerment for youth and women and different segments of societies, and small and medium-sized companies.

He added that the second goal is to protect the planet, whether in climate, oceans, etc., and the third goal is to find new destinations for technology and developments that take place and how to adopt this progress in a way that reflects better on people all over the world.


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