News 24 | Under the direction of the Deputy Governor of Riyadh .. “Transport” shall punish a road contractor whose negligence has caused the injury of a citizen vehicle (video)


Image from the videoThe branch of the Ministry of Transport in Riyadh has taken legal measures against an executing contractor for one of the road projects in Al-Ain, which has been proven negligent after a citizen posted a video clip complaining about the damage to the tires of his vehicle from the nails that the contractor left on the road.

The Deputy Governor of the Riyadh region, Prince Muhammad bin Abdul Rahman, was charged with urgent accountability to the contractor, according to “previously”, after circulating a video clip in which a citizen complains of the damage to the tires of his vehicle due to the screws fixing flexible poles at a site that had a diversion, and the contractor who left the project left on the road.

The actions taken against the contractor included taking rebates on it, removing the project manager and the technical team, and requiring the contractor to compensate the injured citizen, according to the regular procedures followed in such cases.


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