News 24 | They brought him with them from the Kingdom .. 3 citizens survive the arrest in London for plucking “bath feathers”


ExpressiveThe Kingdom’s embassy in the United Kingdom saved three citizens from arrest, for being accused of plucking “bath feathers” in the bathtub inside a London hotel.

Details, according to Okaz, indicate that 3 famous media players violated the regulations in the United Kingdom and broadcast a video of them during the plucking of bath feathers they brought with them from the Kingdom inside their room in a London hotel.

The embassy of the Kingdom indicated that some visiting citizens make mistakes due to their ignorance of the host country’s regulations, and that some neglect one of the systems on the pretext that a friend or relative of him was not violated or caught when he committed the violation.

She called on visiting citizens to see the regulations and abide by them, and the need to communicate directly with the embassy in the event of any problem.


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