News 24 | The perpetrator transferred the deceased to the hospital .. Details of the injuries of the crime of shooting a family car in Dhahran (video)


ExpressiveAl-Ikhbaria TV channel – today (Wednesday) – new details about the issue of a thirty-year-old citizen’s shooting at a family car in the Fakhriya district of Dhahran, which resulted in the death of a girl and the injury of two, in addition to the driver of the car.

She explained that King Fahd University Hospital in Al-Khobar received one of the three girls, as the perpetrator transferred her to the hospital, but she died after more than two hours of surgical intervention, and the dead prayer was performed on her after the afternoon prayer.

She added that the other two girls and the driver of the Indian vehicle were taken to the Security Forces Hospital, and the injury of one of the two girls was slight, while a bullet entered the top of the third girl’s mouth and two vertebrae were damaged in her neck and part of the bullet settled inside her body.

With regard to the driver of the Indian vehicle (40 years), he was hit by a bullet that entered the left side of his face and settled in the right side, and he is expected to undergo surgery within a week to remove the bullet.


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