News 24 | The Meteorological Authority denies its relationship with a circular on “WhatsApp” and threatens its publishers


General Authority for Meteorology and EnvironmentThe Presidency of Meteorology and Environment confirmed that the circulated circulation via the “WhatsApp” application, which carries its logo and promotes information attributed to it; has no connection.

The commission stated in an urgent notice that it did not grant any other party the right to use its logo and information in advertising marketing aspects, confirming that it has no service through the “WhatsApp” currently.

While the weather station warned against using its logo and information in advertising and marketing means without prior permission, it confirmed that it will take legal measures against whoever does this.

It is noteworthy that a leaflet attributed to the authority and bearing its logo spread among users of “WhatsApp”, which included a warning about a cold wave hitting the kingdom from Tuesday, and that it will lead to lower temperatures to below zero in the north of the Kingdom, and to zero in Riyadh, Medina and Qassim.


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