News 24 | Tawafeed returns 8 billion riyals to its owners in 2019


liquidationThe Real Estate Contributions Committee “Liquidation” confirmed that the recovered funds exceeded the barrier of 8 billion riyals by the end of last year 2019, and more than 94% of these sums were delivered to their owners.

Tasfeer launched one of its awareness initiatives “Glossary of Contributions” through its official account on the Twitter social network (@saTasfiah), with the aim of raising awareness and introducing legal terms within the committee’s framework.

The work of the Real Estate Contributions Committee takes place within the framework of real estate contributions (licensed and others) before the date of 8/22/1426 AH. In order to carry out its tasks, the committee takes all legal, legal and accounting procedures in order to end all real estate contributions by legal means.


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