News 24 | Riyadh Education: Adoption of a mechanism and controls for admission of new entrants to the first grade of primary school for the next year


Riyadh Education BuildingThe General Administration of Education in Riyadh announced the controls and mechanism for registering new male and female students in the first primary grade for the next academic year 1442 AH

The Director of Riyadh Education, Hamad Al-Wahaibi, stated that all government and private elementary schools, Quran memorization and private and foreign education institutes applying to international programs are obligated to apply the procedures for registering new male and female students, as mentioned in the Admission and Registration Guide.

According to the Director of Examinations and Admission, Ayman al-Rukban, male and female students who are entitled to enroll in the first elementary grade are those who have completed six years with the start of studies or 90 days less, and those under the age of 180 are accepted for less than that, provided that the male or female student A certified kindergarten certificate for two semesters, with a Development Skills Proficiency Form available.

And during the stirrups, registration is through parents via the Noor system, but there are cases that are recorded by the school leader, including the inability of the guardian to register, the student from a Saudi mother, Gulf students, social care students, and students whose identities have not been completed and who are over the age of 11 Year.

The registration is also through the school leader for special education students who are over the age of admission, and students and students under the age of six by 180 days who hold certificates from a foreign kindergarten or applied to international programs or kindergartens outside the Kingdom.

On the dates and periods of enrollment of first-grade students in the Nour system, the Director of Examinations and Admission Hoda al-Dossari explained that they are distributed as follows:

– Saudi students in the Holy Quran Memorization Schools, and Saudi and non-Saudi students in private and foreign schools, starting from 24/5/1441 AH.

– Saudi students and children of Saudi women in government schools, starting from 27/6/1441 AH.

Non-Saudi students who are treated as citizens of five-year-old card holders, children of citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Yemeni community, and diplomats, starting from 7/27/1441 AH.

Non-Saudi students whose parents work in the government sector, starting from 16/8/1441 AH.

Non-Saudi students whose parents work in the private sector on 5/9/1441 AH.

– Students under the age of six years, within 180 days, who are graduates of government and private kindergartens of all nationalities, starting on 10/10/1441 AH.

Graduates of kindergarten foreign schools applicable to international programs, and graduates of kindergartens outside the Kingdom on 12/20/1441 AH.

Al-Dosari indicated that the registration periods are continuous for all male and female students until the vacant seats are completed or the end of the scheduled registration date is on 3/2/1442 AH, except for the registration of Saudi students in government memorization of the Qur’an schools, which ends on 26/6/1441 AH.


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