News 24 | Monkeys attack the homes and farms of citizens in Fifa .. And the people are appealing to the competent authorities to intervene (video)


Monkeys attack citizens' homes and farms in FifaA number of the people of Fayfa governorate in Jizan region complained about baboon monkeys attacking their homes and farms, causing damage to public property, in addition to sabotaging agricultural crops and polluting drinking water.

The residents explained that the monkeys started arriving at populated sites that they did not reach before, and caused a state of anxiety for the residents of the houses and the owners of the farms, noting that they submitted reports to the municipality and there was no response.

And they appealed, according to “previously”, the concerned authorities to move quickly to combat these monkeys urgently before their spread and the difficulty of controlling them, indicating that there is no actual presence of the company in charge of fighting monkeys and stray animals.


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